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Horse Wishes Day Camp (Week long camps)

Learn about all aspects of owning and caring for a horse during this day camp for children ages 8 and older. (Limited Enrollment) Held daily from 9-5 Monday through Friday  in June & July of 2019.  We will have 4 sessions with limited enrollment.  The fee for the week will be $425. Enrollment will be on a first come first served basis so it is recommended that you reserve your child’s space early to insure availability of preferred dates.   They will be “given” a horse to care for during the week and it will be their responsibility to brush, saddle, feed, and clean up after their horse.  Of course we will teach them how to do this and help them.  We will also have daily demonstrations of important aspects in horse ownership along with hands-on projects.  Each day will include a trail ride.  We will also give riding lessons to the kids on “their” horses.  The week will end with a show for parents and family where the children will show off what they have learned. We think that this will be an exciting and informative week for young horse enthusiasts.  It will give them hands on experience in a safe environment where our totally structured program will instruct them in all phases of horsemanship and the responsibilities of owning horses.  While they are learning about horses they will also be building self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities. Daily schedule

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Spend a Day Camp (One day camp)

Enjoy an all day experience with the horses! Spend the day with the horses at our one day camps held Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. People of all ages may attend but 7 years old and younger will need to have an adult accompany them. Throughout the day they will have hands on experiences with our friendly horses and staff. Each day will include a safety lesson, two trail rides, an art or craft, feeding, and handling the horses. We also have daily demonstrations on the subject of the day and hands-on projects about horse ownership. Each day of the week will have a different theme so you may want to attend several days! Our camp is designed to give hands on experience in a safe environment with horses. The cost is $125 per person. If you have any questions feel free to contact Cindy at (608)-847-2273, or email at redridge@redridgeranch.com . and don't forget to  join us on Face Book.

2019 Dates June 18th - Aug 17th
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Daily schedule

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Advanced Day Camp
& Overnight Advanced Camp

In this camp students who have previously attended one of our one week camps, will continue to advance in their riding skills. This camp is designed to have more riding time and less on the ground basics. During each camp the students will spend hours in a controlled lesson environment. Lessons are held in a our larger show arena. The graduation into a larger arena gives the students more opportunity to strengthen their skills while still being in a enclosed environment. Each year we have different instructors who bring their interest and knowledge with them allowing the students who have been here before to build different skills along the way. Each camp will cover the same basic horsemanship skills:

  1. Leg Cues: where to apply pressure with your legs to get the maneuvers needed for different sporting events.

  2. Bits: Different styles for different control of the horses body.

  3. Rein pressures: Where and when to apply pressure for more body control.

  4. Speed and control combinations: As the skills become clear so does the speed

*All students must be a minimum of 10 years old to attend
* Must have attended at least one of our one week camps
* Be confident to move at a faster pace and be able to physically handle more riding time

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